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Monday, November 19, 2012

Afghanistan is a primitive society with archaic institutions...

     At least, that is likely the public's perception and conclusion every time the media reports "justice" based on tribal beliefs occurring in Afghanistan (Pakistan has similar problem, but that is a different topic). Perhaps ISAF , State Department and the government of Afghanistan (GiRoA) can counter that by emphasizing current institutional justice by GiRoA, especially if it possibly would have alternately been dealt with in an "archaic" tribal process.

    The key to winning tribal based populations (essentially Pashtun belt and Helmand/Khandahar region) is to build and support at the lowest level a local justice system to gain acceptance from tribal communities, who ultimately identify with/turn to Taliban because of shared justice process beliefs. Then highlight and inform, but also let GiRoA support of local justice process speak for itself. For key demographics, the support of national government begins with this issue at the local levels

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