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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Levi's Levity 2

More Levi Levity. on today, his 7th b-day, I will share one of my many awesome stories of him from the past year. A few months ago, as I sat on the couch working on my laptop, Levi came in and instructed "Dad Norman, come with me. It is time for your (ninja) training." I responded with "Yes, Master," as I popped up to follow him, and he stops, swirls around gives me a stern stare and scolded "Dad Norman, I told you NEVER to call me "Master" outside of the lair!" Kewl, we have a LAIR!!!! Who knew? That's like platinum-level manspace.

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  1. The best part about posting these stories? Getting to use "ninja" as a tag.